A night of good quality sleep is crucial for health, do you agree? Definitely!

During the pandemic, a lot of people might face or suffer from insomnia due to disrupted sleep cycles as working from home become part of their life which may require 24/7 work in front of the laptop.

Stress, concerns about work, health, finances, or family can keep your mind active at night, which eventually makes you have insomnia as well as you are difficult to fall asleep.


Here are two perfect ways you may want to know to say goodbye to your insomnia.


i. Soak your feet inside warm water using an essential oil-infused foot bath bomb or essential oil-infused foot bath salt

Soaking your feet in warm water (40 degrees Celsius) before going to bed every night can promote blood circulation, relax the body, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.

By using a lavender essential oil-infused footbath bomb or lavender essential oil-infused foot bath salt, they can induce aroma from the essential oil and by using a natural aroma therapy to keep you feeling calm and relieve your stress. Thus, this will promote good sleep.


ii. Improve your blood circulation by combing your hair

This is a traditional method of Chinese acupuncture, an accurate stimulation of acupuncture points on the head can help to balance the blood flow around your head. This eventually helps to relieve headaches and relax your mind for quality and good sleep.

Apart from that, combing hair also helps to improve brain function and promote hair growth.


It is crucial for sleeping well at night as good sleep quality helps us to maintain healthy emotions and well-being. Learn what works best for you in order to put your anxieties aside before going to bed. When your mind is cleared and your body relaxed, you should fall asleep much easier. Why not try the 2 perfect ways mentioned above now to improve your sleep quality.